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Governing Body

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Ms. Madhuri Varshney holds a professional degree in Electronics and Telecom Engineering with 12 years of Industrial Experience. She is presently working as a Community, Civic and Educational leader associated with many NGOs. She is also a member of many reputed bodies like Samagra Siksha Abhiyan, SMC Cell, Delhi Dialogue Commission to name a few. She has already served as Chairperson, Governing Body of BCAS for a period of 18 Months until September 2021.


Mr. Sunil Chowdhary is presently working with German MNC as a Divisional Manager, North India. He is having a vast experience of 27 years in different MNCs. He holds a MBA degree in Sales & Marketing, Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and is a Graduate in Political Science Hons from Desh Bandhu College, University of Delhi. He loves to travel and listens music a lot.


Ms. Vani Aggarwal is a Member in Hindi Academy, Government of NCT of Delhi and a Social Worker, at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Chattarpur. She is involved in many constructive activities like Counselling of Parents', Cleanliness, Girl Child hygiene etc. She is also a President of Resident Welfare Association of her Colony. She is actively involved in Encouraging Community Interaction such as Book Exchange programs, Neki ki Deewar competitions, Environmental Activities etc. She is serving society worldwide by teaching kids of USA, UK and Australia through Online medium.


Mr. Dharmendra Kumar, Member- Delhi Government Nominee.


Mr. Balraj Singh Jainer, Member- Delhi Government Nominee.


He is a veteran academician with over 38 years of experience in various academic institutions. His skill set spans from Regulatory Affairs, Institutional Administration to subject matter expertise in Library Science. He holds a Master's Degree in Arts as well as in Library Science and has contributed to his field through delivery of successful assignments during his active career. He is a lifetime member of the Delhi Library Association as well as the Indian Library Association. He has also served two terms as Member of the Financial Committee at the Delhi Library Association. Post superannuation, Mr Ashok has been volunteering, doing pro bono consulting work and advising Institutional Boards and Managers.


Anshu Sharma is an Environmental and Disaster Management specialist. Trained as an Urban Planner at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, he did his Doctoral Research in Global Environmental studies at Kyoto University, Japan. He co-founded the civil society organisation SEEDS, which has been working across Asia towards building disaster and climate resilience in vulnerable communities and has been responding to disasters with shelter and school reconstruction programmes. He has worked with various UN agencies, the World Bank, Government Organisations, NGOs and Universities as an Advisor and Consultant and volunteers with local community based organisations towards their Capacity Building. He serves as a member of Niti Aayog and National Disaster Management Authority’s committees on Disaster Resilience in India and served as a Technical Advisor to the National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal, in 2015 for post disaster needs assessment and recovery planning. He has authored and co-edited various books on Indigenous Knowledge and Disaster Risk Reduction. His current interests revolve around the Interface of Science, People and Policy.


Shri Upendra Nath Thakur, retired IAS officer has a lot of experience in General Administration, Rural Development, Municipal Administration and specialization in Urban Development. His major assignments include Rehabilitation of Sikh victims in the 1984 riots in Kanpur. After retirement as Vice Chairman in National Broadcasting TV Hindi News Channel for 4 yrs, he has worked as Chairman, Governing Body for 1 year in College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi; Member, Governing Body Kalindi College and ANDC College. He has served as consultant and advisor in J R Sanskrit University, Jaipur. At present Member, Governing Body of Rajdhani College and Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences.


Chirashree Ghosh is working in Early Childhood Care and establishment of Mobile Creches for the last 22 years. Currently engaged with the ECD partnership department as Head position. Her area of expertise is working with state government departments, youth networks, and other Civil Societies, partners to amplify the voice of the youngest citizen of India. She has been engaged in various research projects related to implementation gaps at the ground level and also represented her experiences on various International Child Rights platforms like ARNEC, ISSA, etc. She believes that to bring change in people's lives and to break the gender societal norms there is a need to invest in the foundational age group. She has done a Master in Social Work and certification course of social Audit and leadership acceleration. Her dream is for an egalitarian society where every individual has the right to have the freedom to express, equal opportunity with equity to develop with her/his full potential and there is peace and harmony in the society.


Mr. M M Sharma, Member- Delhi University Panel.


We have respected Prof. Subho Mazumdar, from the Department of Chemistry. He has served as member governing body since February 2021 and as our Chairman, GB since September 15 2021. He started his scientific career as an undergraduate student at the University of Delhi and went on to receive his postgraduate degree from I.I.T., Kanpur. He did his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the State University of New York, Buffalo and postdoctoral training from the Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland. He joined the University of Delhi in 1998 as a Lecturer and rose to the rank of a full Professor in 2010. He is presently working in the field of DNA-protein biomolecular interaction, Design and Synthesis of Inorganic and Polymeric Nanoparticles for Targeted Gene Delivery and Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Catalysis. He has guided over 22 PhD scholars and has published nearly 100 articles in reputed journals. He has 2 US patents and 2 Indian patents to his credit. Professor Mozumdar is considered a pioneer in the field of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine in the country. He has published many books and completed various DST/ CSIR research projects enabelling setting up a highly sophisticated Nano-characterization facility and a complete Spectroscopy lab. at the University of Delhi. He has already earned many reputed awards and fellowships. I sincerely thank you sir for your valuable time given for the college.


We have respected Prof. Manoj Kumar Singh, from the Department of Anthropology University of Delhi. He is also looking after the duties of a Treasure of our Governing Body from 15 September 2021. He has recently been appointed once again as Joint Proctor University of Delhi. I once again congratulate him on behalf of all the members. He started his career in the year 2002 in the Department of Anthropology and has been serving as Professor since 2017. His main area of interest includes Archaeological Anthropology and Palaeo-anthropology. He has 10 PhDs, 40 Research articles, 4 books, 10 research projects to his credit. He has a vast experience of organising big events and is associated with numerous academic societies around the world.


Prof. Anil Kumar Bali, Teachers' Representative in the Governing Body


Dr. Sujata Bhardwaj, Senior faculty member in the Department of Botany serving as Teacher’s Representative in the Governing Body.


Mr. Rajiv Kumar Dawar, Member- Non-Teaching Representative.


Dr. Avneesh Mittal, Professor Department of Electronics and joined as Acting Principal w.e.f. December 17, 2021. He started his career in the year 1999 at BCAS only. Presently working in the field of Nano materials and smart electronics.

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Minutes of the 98th Governing Body 21_01_2023
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Minutes of the 85th Governing Body 03_12_2019
Minutes of the 84th Governing Body 28_09_2019
Minutes of the 83rd Governing Body 13_08_2019
Minutes of the 82nd Governing Body 16_05_2019
Minutes of the 81st Governing Body 07_02_2019
Minutes of the 80th Governing Body 08_08_2018
Minutes of the 79th Governing Body 24_04_2018
Minutes of the 78th Governing Body 04_04_2018
Minutes of the 77th Governing Body 26_04_2017
Minutes of the 76th Governing Body 03_03_2017
Minutes of the 75th Governing Body 12_01_2016
Minutes of the 74th Governing Body 26_11_2015
Minutes of the 73rd Governing Body 20_08_2015
Minutes of the 72nd Governing Body 27_07_2015
Minutes of the 71st Governing Body 06_07_2015
Minutes of the 70th Governing Body 25_06_2015
Minutes of the 69th Governing Body 30_04_2015
Minutes of the 68th Governing Body 15_04_2015
Minutes of the 67th Governing Body 27_12_2014
Minutes of the 66th Governing Body 29_05_2014
Minutes of the 65th Governing Body 05_03_2014
Minutes of the 64th Governing Body 13_11_2013
Minutes of the 63rd Governing Body 09_09_2013
Minutes of the 62nd Governing Body 18_07_2013
Minutes of the 61st Governing Body 05_03_2013
Minutes of the 60th Governing Body 08_11_2012
Minutes of the 59th Governing Body 27_08_2012
Minutes of the 58th Governing Body 18_05_2012
Minutes of the 57th Governing Body 01_02_2012
Minutes of the 56th Governing Body 12_07_2011
Minutes of the 55th Governing Body 17_03_2011
Minutes of the 54th Governing Body 17_02_2011
Minutes of the 53rd Governing Body 30_09_2010
Minutes of the 52nd Governing Body 06_03_2010 and 20_03_2010
Minutes of the 51st Governing Body 06_02_2010
Minutes of the 50th Governing Body 01_12_2009
Minutes of the 49th Governing Body 22_10_2009
Minutes of the 48th Governing Body 23_09_2009
Minutes of the 47th Governing Body 13_07_2009
Minutes of the 46th Governing Body 16_03_2009
Minutes of the 45th Governing Body 24_10_2008
Minutes of the 44th Governing Body 20_09_2008
Minutes of the 43rd Governing Body 21_08_2008
Minutes of the 42nd Governing Body 24_07_2008
Minutes of the 41st Governing Body 06_02_2008
Minutes of the 40th Governing Body 07_12_2007
Minutes of the 39th Governing Body 18_08_2007
Minutes of the 38th Governing Body 28_04_2007
Minutes of the 37th Governing Body 12_04_2007
Minutes of the 36th Governing Body 17_09_2006
Minutes of the 35th Governing Body 19_05_2006
Minutes of the 34th Governing Body 11_02_2006
Minutes of the 33rd Governing Body 23_07_2005
Minutes of the 32nd Governing Body 22_01_2005
Minutes of the 31st Governing Body 25_09_2004
Minutes of the 30th Governing Body 17_07_2004
Minutes of the 29th Governing Body 20_03_2004
Minutes of the 28th Governing Body 11_10_2003
Minutes of the 27th Governing Body 24_05_2003
Minutes of the 26th Governing Body 26_04_2003
Minutes of the 25th Governing Body 14_12_2002
Minutes of the 24th Governing Body 12_09_2002
Minutes of the 23rd Governing Body 20_04_2002
Minutes of the 22nd Governing Body 23_02_2002
Minutes of the 21st Governing Body 27_09_2001
Minutes of the 20th Governing Body 09_05_2001
Minutes of the 19th Governing Body 04_12_2000
Minutes of the 18th Governing Body 07_09_2000
Minutes of the 17th Governing Body 10_04_2000
Minutes of the 16th Governing Body 21_01_2000
Minutes of the 15th Governing Body 16_09_1999
Minutes of the 14th Governing Body 24_05_1999
Minutes of the 13th Governing Body 26_03_1999
Minutes of the 12th Governing Body 25_08_1998
Minutes of the 11th Governing Body 15_04_1998
Minutes of the 10th Governing Body 17_01_1998
Minutes of the 9th Governing Body 16_08_1997
Minutes of the 8th Governing Body 07_05_1997
Minutes of the 7th Governing Body 17_04_1997
Minutes of the 6th Governing Body 02_12_1996
Minutes of the 5th Governing Body 10_09_1996
Minutes of the 4th Governing Body 01_09_1996
Minutes of the 3rd Governing Body 18_03_1996
Minutes of the 2nd Governing Body 16_02_1996
Minutes of the 1st Governing Body 15_01_1996

Finance Committee

S.No. Name Designation in the Governing Body Designation in the Committee
1 Sh. Sunil Choudhary Treasurer, Governing Body Convener, Ex-Officio
2. Sh. Ashok Thakur Member, Governing Body Co-Convener
3. Shri Balraj Jainer Member, Governing Body Nominee of the Chairman
4. Prof. Subho Mazumdar University Representative on the Governing Body Member
5. Prof. Anil K. Bali Teachers Representative on the Governing Body Member
6. Prof. Sidhharth Siorhi Bursar of the College Member
7. Prof. Avneesh Mittal, - Member Acting Principal of the College Member

Leave Committee

S.No. Name Designation in the Governing Body Designation in the Committee
1 Dr. M.M. Sharma Member, Governing Body Nominee of the Chairperson-Convener
2. Shri Dharmender Kumar Member, Governing Body Member
3. Prof. Manoj Singh University Representative on the Governing Body Member
4. Dr. Sujata Bhardwaj Teachers’ Representative on the Governing Body Member
5. Prof. Avneesh Mittal, - Member Acting Principal of the College Member