Courses Offered

B.Sc.(Hons.) Biomedical Science

B. Sc. (Honours) Biomedical Science is one of the premium three-year degree course offered by University of Delhi. The Biomedical Science degree has been designed for students who wish to work in research and diagnostics laboratories in Research Organizations and Hospitals and wish to explore the molecular basis of various diseases along with their possible treatment.

The students acquire the experimental skills of a basic scientist. This course is broad based, and exposes the students to relevant areas of chemistry, biology and human physiology at a conceptual level. The theoretical instructions are backed by well- designed appropriate laboratory experiences. The hands on experience enable students to have conceptual understanding on the one hand and confidence and motivation for advanced research in this area on the other. The first year of this course is designed to give a basic knowledge of the course followed by further step wise specialized papers in subsequent years. This course is taken up with practical-based courses that build students skills in this area. The second and final year of the course take skills and theoretical development to more advanced levels. Students also carry out an independent research project in various Research Laboratories placed throughout the country. A choice of special paper in the final year is available to gain expertise in the field of interest of the students.

The Biomedical Science course would qualify students to pursue a Masters course and subsequently enable them for Doctoral training. This degree will also equip them with knowledge and transferable skills necessary for their career in research, in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology fields or as a bio-informatician.

The Biomedical Science laboratories of the college are well equipped with various sophisticated instruments including computer-based UV-Visible spectrophotometers, CO2 incubator, digital viscometer, thermal cyclers, gel documentation systems, refrigerated high speed centrifuges, orbital shaker incubator, microtomes, UV transilluminator, microplate ELISA reader, digital colony counter, digital melting point apparatus, binocular microscopes with camera and projection system as well as other regular instruments including electronic balances, autoclave, colorimeters, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis units, electro-blotting system, laminar hood, magnetic stirrers, vortex shakers, ice flaking machine, ovens, etc., routinely required in any diagnostic or research lab.

Biomedical Science Society dynamics is a joint enterprise of students and teachers. The society have been instigated with an objective to abreast the students to the latest findings, developments and avenues in the field of Biomedical Sciences. Further it promotes academic, extra-curricular and socio-culture linkages with peers in other colleges and other institutions. Our society is actively involved in organizing various seminars for the students and faculty of the college. The students and faculty members are encouraged to take part in conferences, symposia, public lectures and seminars regularly to broaden their horizons. In the last academic year students attended seminars and symposiums conducted by various colleges of University of Delhi and other research Institutions. Students are also encouraged to participate in various sports activities and bring several laurels to their credits.

B.Sc. (Hons.) Botany

B.Sc.(Hons.) Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science of our college conducts B.Sc. (Hons) computer science, a motivating and arduous course which equip students with strong logic and problem solving approach. Over the years the department has evolved into a niche of excellence in academics, technology and other activities. The department is spread over three spacious and air conditioned labs, networked to powerful servers. The department has high quality accessories such as scanners, printers, projectors and CD/ DVD writers. The College provides 24 hrs internet access to faculty and students though Wifi network and e-Journal facility to encourage students in pursuing their research work. The department has wide availability of open access computer facilities with the WiFi network in the college. The department provides the state of the art computing facilities with more than 120 multimedia computers of Pentium range with latest software platforms like Dos, Linux, Windows 7 etc and high end softwares such as C++, Java, Visual Studio, SQL server, Ubuntu, Fedora etc. Department has 60 TFT monitors. The Department has its very own society "CS.NET" which is a pivot of activities to brings together all the students as a network and provides them ample opportunities to develop and advance in the a variety of performances for all round development. CS.NET also organizes talks, seminars and workshops on various upcoming technologies to provide practical hands on experience on emerging technologies. The society also gives the students a chance to showcase their abilities and talents in their annual departmental fest "INTERFACE". The Rapid development of technology has created job avenues for students of computer science in many fields. Students have excellent job opportunities in IT industry, software industry and information system department of any industry, manufacturing, Marketing, Banking, Entertainment, education and various R&D institutions in government and private sector. In the preceding years the students have been well placed in various companies such as Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, Dell, Tech Mahindra, TCS, and IGATE etc. As the journey down the lane of undergraduate life draws to a close, juniors organizes Farewell function for their seniors. Our undergraduate course equip students with strong logic and reasoning along with problem solving skills by emphasizing on a clear understanding of core computer science subjects and providing them practical hands on experience in the laboratory associated with each of these subjects. Exposure of emerging technologies is provided to them from time to time in the form of workshops, seminars and invited talks by eminent personalities of these fields. With this strong theoretical and practical foundation in their undergraduate course, our students in the past have got selected for their Post Graduate courses in prestigious institutes.

B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry

One of the leading subjects in the pure sciences, chemistry offers the students an ideal platform to begin exploring the composition, structure, properties & behaviour of all forms of matter. The emphasis at the under-graduate level is to give a broad coverage of most common branches of Chemistry considering the inter-disciplinary nature of the subject today.

The Department of Chemistry is going to offer full time B.Sc (Honours) course in Chemistry in the coming academic session (2017-2018) with a total intake of 32 students. Besides these, General Elective papers in Chemistry (CBCS syllabus) and Environment Science Course are also being offered to all departments of the college.

The laboratories of the department are well equipped with sophisticated instruments. Some notable instruments are electronic and analytical balances, pH-meter, hot air oven, double distillation plant, vacuum pump, de-ionizer, spectrophotometer, polarimeter, colorimeter, Digital potentiometer, digital melting & boiling point apparatus, conductivity meter and fuming hood chamber enable the students to carry out all the experiments as prescribed in the syllabus as well as simple projects. Besides these, there is an instrumentation laboratory for carrying out experiments in physical chemistry and analytical techniques. Titrations, synthesis, purification and analysis of chemical compounds are some of the aspects that form the basis of the lab. Moreover there are dedicated laboratories for conducting research work in leading areas of chemistry that are equipped with sophisticated instruments being funded by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Science and Engineering Research Board and University of Delhi. Currently, two students are pursuing Ph.D in the department.

In the last academic session (2016-17), in order to provide a platform to the students as well as faculty members to get acquainted with the current research endeavours in the field of chemical sciences and to establish collaboration with other institutions, the Department of Chemistry organized a two days National Conference on Clean & Green Energy: The Chemical & Environmental Aspects where more than 150 delegates participated in 30 Oral presentations and 78 Poster presentations from nine states of the country. The conference was majorly sponsored by UGC and Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences.

To provide detailed subjective knowledge to the students, modern power-point based teaching methodologies are employed. Moreover, the students are encouraged to perform small projects to attain hands-on experience of latest instruments. After graduation, students have lucrative and attractive career options in Research & Development and managerial positions in Pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.

For more details regarding syllabus and scheme please refer to:

B.Sc. Hons. Chemistry

B.Sc.(Hons.) Electronics

A degree in B.Sc. (Honours) Electronics covers all the key knowledge areas required to become a successful Electronics professional. It equips students with broad foundation of the fundamentals of electronics and associated subjects and provides students with skills which are required to design electrical, electronic,computer, automation and communication systems. It includes courses on Analog and Digital Electronics,Signals and Systems, Electrical Machines, Communication, Microprocessor and programming languages (C and C++). Practicals based on simulators like p-Spice, Multisim, Qucs, MATLAB, SciLAB, etc. are also included in the curriculum.

The Electronics Laboratory is well equipped with the latest state-of-the art instruments such as Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO) & Digita Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO) (100MHz), CRO demonstration kits, Pulse Generators, Function Generators, Power Meter, Analog and Digital I.C.tester, LCR Q- tester,8085 and 8086 Microprocessor kits, Microcontroller trainer, Interfacing modules and cards, Universal Programmer, various communication modules experimental kits, LASER kits, Antenna trainer kits, PCB design kits, PCB design Unit, Arduino, AVR Microcontroller kits etc. The Department also has well equipped computer laboratory with various simulation software installed to facilitate the students to gain expertise in IT skills. This degree provides comprehensive opportunities to the graduates to explore and attain the zenith of success in research & development, aerospace and defence electronics, design, testing, quality control, and project management. After graduation, students can also pursue higher studies in Electronics or Information technology from University of Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology, JamiaMillia University, Kurukshetra University, Devi Ahilya University, BanasthaliVidyapeeth University, etc. The students are also eligible to pursue MBA and MCA from various esteemed Universities.

The Department has its society named SPARKS which organizes various activities like Workshops/ Conferences/ lectures/ Industrial visits/ Seminars/ Technical Fest, etc. every year under the guidance of eminent personalities from the academia and industries. To promote the holistic development of students, many activities have been organized in the last academic year. This year Department had organized a one day workshop on "Emerging Technologies, Market Requirements & ITIL V3.0" in collaboration withMilestone Achievers to familiarize students in Essential Technical Training Model X, Y, Z vs x, x+, x+, 40:60& 80:20 model , Broadband technologies Working relationship between Telecom, IT and Networking, Digital India model & its requirement and Live demonstration of Broadband Equipment. This workshop was interactive and students learnt to communicate and connect one broadband technology to another through instruments.Another workshop on "AVR Microcontroller" in collaboration with Excel Technologies was also organized in the College. It was about various tools, microprocessors and microcontrollers used in designing of an Embedded system and designing cycle. Hands-on session was also conducted in which students learnt to interface the real world with the microcontroller.

B.Sc.(Hons.) Food Technology

Food technology is the application of food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe, nutritious, and wholesome food. Food technology course attracts a large number of students because of its novelty as an educational course and also because of the growing demand for food technologists in today's world of packaged and fast foods.

B.Sc.(H) Food-Technology is an advanced course in the field of Food Science. It has a high degree of recognition in the modern industrial world, as it deals in every aspect of food processing. It is a multi-disciplinary course and educates the students about the latest developments in the field of food science and technology like food and nutrition, food processing and packaging , food chemistry, food microbiology, technology of plant and animal foods ,new product development, food engineering and food safety. The curriculum also emphasizes on basic chemical, biophysical, biochemical and mathematical sciences along with computer applications. Educational tours, industrial training and seminars are important part of this course which enables the students to integrate their theoretical knowledge with professional skills. The students also undergo summer training and projects in various food industries and research laboratories such as Mother Dairy, Britannia Industries Limited, Surya Foods and Agro Limited, Ambassador Sky Chef, Food Research and Analysis Centre (FRAC) etc. which provides hands on experience about food industry.

Scope and Opportunities

The programme aims at producing highly trained and skilled food technologists who have career opportunities in both research and fast developing Indian food industry. In the present scenario of globalization, Food Technology is a continually changing, dynamic profession with long term career prospects including management, research, education and specialized laboratory work. This degree opens future vistas for higher studies (Master’s and Doctoral program) and academic staff positions at leading universities and research institutes in India and across the globe. The students are competent to work in different fields related to food industry on completion of this course.

After a course in Food Technology, there are a number of job prospects in the following areas: food processing industries, research laboratories, hotels, soft drink factories, quality assurance divisions, rice mills, dairy industries, distilleries, packaging units, and other catering establishments. They can work as R&D professional, Food Analyst, Production Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Food Microbiologist, Food Regulatory Officer, Food Inspector to name a few.There are also opportunities of higher studies at institutes such as Central Food Technology and Research Institute (Mysore), G.B.Pant University (PantNagar), Guru Nanak Dev University (Amritsar), A.N.G.R.A U (Andhra Pradesh), H.A.U, Guru Jambeshwar University and N.D.R.I in Haryana.

B.Sc.(Hons.) Instrumentation

Instrumentation is a specialized field which deals with the science and technology of measurement that service not only physical, chemical and biological sciences; but also all branches of engineering and medicine. Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences is the only co-educational college in the University of Delhi, offering a Bachelor of Science (Honors) Course in Instrumentation.

The college has a specialized Instrumentation Laboratory which provides practical expertise to the students and trains them to design, develop, maintain and trouble-shoot instruments that are being used in varied fields like Automation and Control, Process Industries, Medicine, Quality Control etc. The Laboratory is equipped with state of the art instruments like NI ELVIS-II Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite supported by Lab VIEW full development system from National Instruments and NI USB Data Acquisition Card, to help students interface and integrate real time signals and software to simulate electronic circuits and designs.

The Department acquaints students with devices used in Process and Control industries like ratio control trainer, differential pressure transmitter, circular chart recorder, dead weight tester, various flow meters such as electromagnetic, orifice meter, ultrasonic etc. It has advanced transducer and instrumentation trainer, temperature transducers, LVDT and strain gauge trainer, speed control of DC motor etc. Students learn to design and develop small projects on high performance micro controller and microprocessor kits which are provided with interfacing modules like Temperature Controller, Keyboard, Elevator Simulator Interface, Stepper Motor, etc. The Instrumentation Laboratory also boosts of training students in sophisticated biomedical and analytical Instruments like Microprocessors based UV-VIS Spectro photometer, 3 to 6 Channel Electrocardiograph, Heart Rate Monitor cum ECG trainer, Respiration Rate Monitor etc.

B.Sc.(Hons.) Microbiology

Louis Pasteur once said, “Never Underestimate the Power of the Microbes”. Microbiology is one of the most dynamic areas of biological sciences, as microbes are evolutionary and ecological pioneers and have immense socio-economic importance in our day to day life. These miniscule organisms play an indispensable and vital role in research in all areas of basic and applied sciences. It is an exceptionally broad discipline encompassing and integrating areas as diverse as Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Environment, Agriculture, Taxonomy, Bioinformatics, and Biotechnology.

The course curriculum provides a balanced introduction to both basic and applied aspects of Microbiology and allied fields. Microbiologists are employed in variety of industries ranging from Food, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals to Hospitality industry. The students are acquainted with the knowledge about all major groups of microorganisms and their influence and application in our daily lives and how their potential can be harnessed for the betterment of the human life.

The Department of Microbiology of our college has well equipped and furnished laboratories to provide hands-on-training to our undergraduate students. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment’s such as Biological Safety Cabinets, Monocular and binocular Microscopes, Trinocular Microscope, Spectrophotometers, Thermal Cycler (PCR), UV-double beam Spectrophotometer, Autoclaves, Incubators, Centrifuges, Shaker incubators, Electrophoresis set up, High precision electronic balances, pH analyzers, cooling centrifuge, cooling cabinet, Reverse Osmosis water purifier (large scale), Gel Documentation System, Ice-matic Machine, Hybridization oven, Mini Spinner, dry heating block, Auto pipettes etc. to carry out various microbiological, biochemical and biotechnological experiments. The department is also a member of the Star College Scheme of DBT, Government of India, and has been receiving recurring and non-recurring funds since 2010 from the scheme. The Department was awarded Star status in June 2017.

The Department of Microbiology has a society named “SUKSHMJEEV”. Under the aegis of this society and Star College Scheme, various academic and co-curricular activities in the form conferences, seminars and lectures etc. are organised throughout the year. This initiative provides a platform for interaction amongst students, faculty members and various academicians/industrialists invited from time to time from renowned institutions/industries across the country and from abroad as well. This effectively helps in the holistic development of our students. We have a strong alumni network through which our current students can interact with their seniors through email, skype etc and get guided for their future career endeavours. Our distinguished alumni come to the college from time to time to deliver lectures to our students and keep them abreast about the latest developments in the field of microbiology and related areas. To give students an idea about the working environment condition in industry or research institutes, visits to various industries and eminent institutions are conducted from time to time. Students from the department has visited Mother Dairy, Patparganj, NDRI, Karnal, Yakult Plant, Kundli, Superior Industries, Faridabad and Technology Based Incubator (TBI), UDSC, IITs, NII etc during the preceding years. Apart from conducting routine experiments in curriculum, we organise various workshops, conferences, seminars etc. to provide hands on training to students in relevant and related areas of study. The students of the department get a flavour of research at undergraduate level by getting involved in various in-house projects, summer training, workshops etc. Our inter college microbiology fest “Microquest” is organized every year and attracts a number of participants from other colleges and universities and in which apart from lectures by eminent scientists various cocurricular competitive student events are organized like collage making, poster competition, streak art, quiz, treasure hunt etc. Students of the department are also encouraged to participate in sports and extra-curricular events organized in the college from time to time. We are proud to release our departmental magazine “Life Under Lens” every year which includes various scientific articles, doodles, memes, poems etc compiled by our own students and faculty. One of the latest highlights of our department was the national conference titled “Advances in interdisciplinary Microbiology: Perspectives from Academia and Industry” that was organized as part of the celebration of the completion of 10 years of our department in 2017-18. More than 200 participants from all over the country participated in the conference which received a generous funding from DBT, CSIR and private companies.

B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics

Physics is the branch of science that examines and offers a logical framework to understand the world around us, focused on matter, energy, space and time. It is one of the oldest academic disciplines, a basic science, which has made significant contributions to our understanding of the numerous physical phenomena all around us. The advances and understanding of this field has been translated into new technologies and new ideas. The curriculum of Bachelor Honours with Physics offers students the opportunity to acquire a deep conceptual knowledge of fundamental physics as well as giving the students experience and cognizance of these concepts. The course is structured so as to give them the basic know-how of allied fields such as chemistry, mathematics, computer science and electronics.

The department has well equipped laboratories with all latest and sophisticated equipments needed to help the students have an experimental insight into the subject as prescribed by the syllabus. Some of the key equipments include Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Microprocessor kits, Spectrometers, LCR Q-testers, Laser Kits, Digital I.C. Testers etc. In addition to the curriculum study, the students are also encouraged to actively participate in various workshops and science fests within and outside our college. Many of our students have also brought honours by securing positions in the inter-college competitions. To keep them abreast with the latest fields of research, seminars and lectures by distinguished professors and scientists from various institutes are organized by the department. The laws of physics apply from smallest sub-atomic particle to the largest galaxies. Thus the application of discoveries in physics to the solution of modern day complex technological problems offers wide areas in which physics students can make important contributions. With a bachelors degree in Physics, the students can pursue Masters in Physics or Electronics offered by various universities such as University of Delhi, Jamia Milia Islamia, IITs, Pune University, Punjab University and many more. The Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi also offers an integrated M.Tech program in Nuclear Science and technology as well as Nanotechnology. Apart from this there are many institutes such as IISC, IIAP, IMSC, HRI and others which offer integrated Ph.D programs for graduates in Physics. In addition to career in Physics the students can also pursue fields like computer science, management, teaching, civil services etc.

B.Sc.(Hons.) Polymer Science

Nearly three quarters of materials used in our modern society are made of polymers. The field of polymer science is fascinating, highly dynamic and interdisciplinary. Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences is the only college of University of Delhi which offers Bachelor of Science course in Polymer Science. This program intends to impart basic knowhow of Polymer Science, Engineering and Technology. Flexibility in the program particularly third semester onwards, not only allows students to undertake courses in related disciplines (chemistry, physics, mathematics computer & physiology in miner Courses) but also provides an opportunity to take additional practical knowledge through applied courses. The program has ample scope for interaction with industry through research work in all years.

Department of Polymer Science has well equipped laboratories to train the students with synthesis, processing and testing of polymers. The laboratories are having all the latest facilities to meet there equipment of the experiments up to the mark of industrial standards. Apart from the syllabus experiments, students are also trained in handling, maintenance and trouble-shooting of various equipments available in the laboratories. A few of notable equipments are Injection Molding Machine, Compression Molding Machine, Two-Roll Mill, Single Screw Extruder, Universal Testing Machine, Impact Tester, MFI Tester, Flammability Tester, Heat Distortion Temperature &Vicat Softening Point Apparatus, Ubbelohde Viscometers with Temperature Controlled Bath, Abrasion Tester, Hardness Testers, OpacityTester , Carbon Content Measuring Apparatus, UV-Vis spectrometer, FT-IR, Rheometer, Rota evaporator etc.

Apart from attending class room lectures, students participate in various conferences, workshops, symposiums & industrial visits. Department of Polymer Science society (known as PEARLS) organizes popular lectures of eminent Professors & Scientists from various institutions to enhance awareness of students towards latest research and developments in the field of polymer science. Department of Polymer Science and Food Technology jointly organized a one day national conference on Advancements in Packaging, Food and Social Impact on November 3, 2014.

B.Sc.(Hons.) Zoology

This is an era of Biological Sciences. Most of the discoveries and inventions in the last three decades which have direct implication in the improvement of human and domestic animal health belong to the field of Zoology. Nobel prizes given in the field of physiology or medicine belong to the studies involving living organism including animals. So , We need a workforce to further consolidate the researches already carried out in the field of living organisms.

Zoology deals with all aspects of animals and its study is an exciting area where students deal with all types of animals which live on earth. University of Delhi has prepared the syllabi for B.Sc.(Hons) to give the holistic Knowledge of Zoology.

Students have better Job prospects after completing the course. They can pursue various Biological Science courses (Zoology , Genetics, Biochemistry, Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology etc.) Students find jobs depending upon their abilities and performance in the field of Medical Sciences, Industry (Biotechnology) , Forest Department, Academic and Research Institutes etc. in various capacities.

Infrastructure of the department:

Department of Biology (Zoology) of our college has state of the art laboratories with high end instruments. The Department has one dedicated room with projector facility and two laboratories with latest instruments particularly Binocular microscope, B.O.D. incubator, PC-based UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Autoclave, Laminar flow, Refrigerated centrifuge, Growth chamber, ELISA reader, Digital blood cell counter, Digital hemoglobin reader, Digital blood analyzer, pH-meter Electronic balance, Vortex shaker, Electrophoresis and U-V trans illuminator, Ice Flaking machine Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, Glucometer, and Blood analyzer etc.