Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is a more powerful instrument of knowledge than any other that has been bequeathed to us by human agency. — Rene Descartes

Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought and logic, and integral to attempts at understanding the world and ourselves. Mathematical knowledge plays a crucial role in understanding other fields such as sciences, social sciences, and even music and art.

Understanding and competence in applying the fundamental mathematical tools is often required to do serious study in any field of science. Role of mathematics in various disciplines of Physical Sciences is well established. Scientists experienced at working at the interface of biology, mathematics and computation are greatly needed in Biological Sciences. Progress in biomedical research increasingly requires mathematical approaches. The theoretical description of the properties of polymers involves the use of a wide range of mathematical sciences techniques. The role of mathematics in food technology and microbiology is also immense. Food processes, problems related to bacterial growth in food and other areas of predictive microbiology are studied using mathematical modeling techniques. Industry managers, engineers, researchers and scientists require mathematical tools to find solutions to a variety of problems.

Department of Mathematics being an integral part of the college since 1995 has been catering to courses in the college. At present, it takes General Elective papers in mathematics for all courses of the college. The Department room is well equipped with computer, printer and scanner. Mathematics plays a critical role in many competitive examinations for higher studies. Department helps prepare the students for today’s ever evolving world of competition and carve a professional niche.

Department not only imparts mathematical knowledge based on prescribed syllabus, it also strives to inculcate better understanding of the subject and appreciation of mathematics in the real world. It has organized lectures by eminent mathematicians, workshops and talks in the past.

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Dr. Neeru Sharma


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Dr. Ragini Jindal



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For more details regarding syllabus and scheme please refer to the following links:

Generic Elective Papers for Honors, CBCS (effective from academic year 2015- 16 )

Generic Elective Papers for Honors CBCF (LOCF) (2019 onwards)

Society & Activities

  • Lecture on 'Logic and Fuzzy Logic' by Prof. S.C Arora, former HOD, Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi
  • Lecture on 'Vedic Mathematics' by Dr Anuradha Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, DCAC,University of Delhi
  • Workshop on 'Mathematics Beyond Theoretical Perspective'
  • Talk on 'Power of Habits' by Amogh Lila Das,VP, Iskcon,Dwarka
  • Remedial classes to help students understand the subject better. These classes were held for General elective Paper GE-1 (Calculus) for several courses of college
  • ‘Click and Share’ Competition was conducted wherein students were encouraged to observe the world around them, click a picture and share it along with mathematical concepts that they see in it.
  • ‘Rangoli Designing Competition’ was conducted in which students designed Rangoli using numbers, geometrical shapes and mathematical symbols only.

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