Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology

This is an era of Biological Sciences. Most of the discoveries and inventions in the last three decades which have direct implication in the improvement of human and domestic animal health belong to the field of Zoology. Nobel prizes given in the field of Physiology or Medicine belong to studies involving living organisms including animals. So, we need a workforce to further con-solidate the researches already carried out in the field of living organisms. The study of Zoology is an exciting area where students learn about all types of animals which live on earth. It is an exhaustive subject that enlightens us about the various aspects of animal life including their morphology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular and developmental biology. Further, this field of science incorporates ecological and evolutionary studies, thus en-lightening us about the way ecosystems work and the course through which present life evolved, respectively. Thus, Zoology seems to be an indispensable component of the curriculum without which the concept of life would not have been properly construed. University of Delhi has pre-pared the syllabi for B.Sc. (Hons.) to give a holistic knowledge of Zoology. The course is aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject and equip students with the potential to pursue any career related to Zoology viz., research scientist, ecologist, environmental consultant, higher education lecturer etc.

Students have remarkable job prospects after completing the course. They can pursue M.Sc. in various Biological Science courses (Zoology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology etc.). Students may find jobs depending upon their abilities and performance in the field of Medical Sciences, Industry (Biotechnology), Forest Department, Academic and Research Institutes etc. in various capacities. Keeping this in mind, B. Sc. (Hons) Zoology was introduced in Bhaskaracharya College of Ap-plied Sciences in the academic year 2017-18. The Department of Zoology of our college has state-of-the-art laboratories with high end instruments. There are two laboratories with projector facility and latest instruments particularly Binocular and Trinocular microscopes, B.O.D. incu-bator, PC-based UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Autoclave, Laminar flow, Refrigerated centrifuge, Growth chamber, Digital blood cell counter, Digital hemoglobin reader, Digital blood analyzer, pH-meter, Electronic balance, Vortex shaker, Electrophoresis chamber, UV trans-illuminator, Ice Flaking machine, Glucometer etc.

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