Faculty Details

Officiating Principal

Sno. Name Details
1 Prof. Avneesh Mittal View More

Department of Biochemistry

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Anita Sondhi Ph.D, University of Delhi Medical Biochemistry View More

Department of Botany

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. N.S. Abbas Ph.D. University of Delhi Plant Biotechnology
2 Dr. Sujata Bhardwaj Ph.D, Maharshi Dayanand University Ethno Botany/Environmental Studies View More

Department of Biomedical Science

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Uma Chaudhry Ph.D., University of Delhi Medical Biotechnology View More
2 Dr. Shivani G. Varmani Ph.D., AIIMS, Delhi Genetic Polymorphism of genes in association to Coronary artery disease,Nutritional Biochemistry
3 Dr. Uma Dhawan Ph.D University of Delhi Human Genetics, Biology of Human Diseases, Genomics and Bioinformatics View More

Department of Chemistry

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Prof. Balaram Pani (Dean of Colleges, DU, Presently on Leave & Lien) Ph.D Jawaharlal Nehru University Environmental Chemistry View More
2 Dr. Lalit Kapur Ph.D University of Delhi Synthesis of Coordination Compounds , Green Chemistry, Metal Complexes as Therapeutic Agents,Complex View More

Department of Computer Science

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Ms. Manu Kataria M.C.A., H.P. University Computer Graphics,Systems Software,E-Governance View More
2 Mr. Bhavya Deep M.Sc., ICSE, Devi Ahilya Viswavidyalaya,Indore, MP. Cloud Computing, Swarm Intelligence View More
3 Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava Ph.D. University of Delhi Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Database Systems, Data Mining, Machine Learning View More
4 Ms. Arti Dua MCA, GGSIP University Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Mobile Technology. View More

Department of Electronics

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Manoj Kumar Khanna (presently on Leave and Lien) Ph.D University of Delhi E-Waste Management & amp; VLSI/ULSI Device simulation using MOS Devices View More
2 Dr. Geeta Mongia Ph.D. University of Delhi Photovoltaics and; Bio-Photovoltaics, Optical Data Storage View More
3 Dr. Inderbir Kaur Ph.D University of Delhi Amorphous Semiconductors, Photovoltaics and Bio-Photovoltaics View More
4 Prof. Avneesh Mittal Ph.D University of Delhi Adaptive Controls, Genetic Algorithm View More
5 Dr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari Ph.D University of Delhi Nanotechnology, Microwave Photonics and E-waste Management
6 Ms. Shweta Gupta M.Sc.University of Delhi Semiconductor Devices, Nano Technology View More
7 Dr. Jitender Kumar Ph.D. University of Delhi Growth and Characterization of Nanomaterials, solar cells, Light Emitting diodes, Sensors View More
8 Dr. Amit Kumar Ph.D University of Delhi Electronic Materials, Polymers, Devices View More

Department of Food Technology

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Rizwana Ph.D JamiaHamdard University Presently working on Biodegradable Packaging from Rice Husk for Food Packaging.
2 Dr. Vandita Gupta Ph.D University of Delhi Nutrition, Processing technology related to food from plant sources
3 Dr. Shalini Sehgal Ph.D NDRI Food Safety and New Product Development
4 Dr. Eram S Rao Ph.D Barkatullah University New Product Development, Food Quality and safety Nutraceuticals and functional foods, Clinical Nutrition View More
5 Dr. Meenakshi Garg Ph.D CCS Haryana Agriculture University Food Processing and Packaging View More

Department of Human Communication

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Madhulika Bajpai Ph.D University of Delhi Stress Management,, Marital Relations, Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Organizational Behaviour View More

Department of Instrumentation

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Geeta Bhatt (presently on leave and lien) Ph.D University of Mumbai Electronic waste, Gas Sensors, Material Science View More

Department of Mathematics

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Ragini Jindal Ph.D, Ch. Chaudhary Singh University Applied Mechanics View More
2 Dr. Neeru Sharma Ph.D University of Delhi Functional Analysis View More

Department of Microbiology

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Vijaya Kumar Nalla Ph.D. Jawahar Lal Nehru University Microbiology/Cellular and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering/Bioinformatics.
2 Dr. Purnima Anand Ph.D University of Delhi Environmental and Food Microbiology View More
3 Dr. Ruchi Gulati Marwah Ph.D University of Delhi Specialisation in Industrial Microbiology, Actively involved in the Research on production View More
4 Dr. Pawas Goswami Ph.D NDRI Molecular Taxonomy of Bacteria, Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria, Probiotics View More

Department of Physics

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Anand Bharadvaja Ph.D University of Delhi Molecular Physics View More
2 Dr. Vandana Batra Ph.D University of Delhi High energy Cosmic Rays, Spacephysics,Semiconductors Physics View More
3 Dr. Meetu Luthra Ph.D. University of Delhi Cosmology View More
4 Dr. Partha Sarathy Pal Ph.D University of Delhi Computational Astrophysics, Astronomical Data Analysis and Statistics, Astronomy View More
6 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Ph.D., IIT Delhi Solid State Materials View More
7 Dr. Ramesh Kumar Ph.D., IIT, Delhi Non Linear Optics, Quantum Optics. View More

Department of Polymer Science

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Saroj Kumar Shukla Ph.D University of Delhi Conducting polymers and BIO. Polymer
2 Prof. Sidhharth Sirohi Ph.D. IIT Delhi Controlled Polymerization, Nano encapsulation & amp; Composite Nanofibres View More
3 Dr. Susmita Dey Sadhu Ph.D IIT Kharagpur Polymer Blends and composites, Polymer Nanocomposites, Recycling, Polymer in packaging View More

Department of Zoology

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Anil Kumar Bali Post-doc., Washington University,USA Microbial Molecular Biology and Biotechnology View More