Faculty Details

Acting Principal

Sno. Name Details
1 Prof. Avneesh Mittal View More

Department of Biochemistry

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Anita Sondhi Ph.D, M.Sc (Biochemistry), University of Delhi Medical Biochemistry View More

Department of Botany

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. N.S. Abbas Ph.D. University of Delhi, M.Sc. (Botany), Madurai Kamaraj University Plant Biotechnology
2 Dr. Sujata Bhardwaj Ph.D, Maharshi Dayanand University Master Degree in M.Sc. (Botany) from Maharaja Sayajirao University Ethno Botany/Environmental Studies View More

Department of Biomedical Science

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Uma Chaudhry Ph.D (Biomedical Science), University of Delhi M.Sc. (Biotechnology),Madurai Kamaraj University Medical Biotechnology View More
2 Dr. Shivani G. Varmani Ph.D. (AIIMS) M.Sc Biotechnology Genetic Polymorphism of genes in association to Coronary artery disease,Nutritional Biochemistry
3 Dr. Uma Dhawan Ph.D University of Delhi, ACBR University of Delhi, M.Sc in Biomedical Science, University of Delhi Human Genetics, Biology of Human Diseases, Genomics and Bioinformatics View More

Department of Chemistry

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Prof. Balaram Pani (Dean of Colleges, DU, Presently on Leave & Lien) Ph.D Jawaharlal Nehru University M. Sc. (Chemistry) ,Sambalpur University Environmental Chemistry View More
2 Dr. Lalit Kapur Ph.D University of Delhi, M.Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry), University of Delhi Synthesis of Coordination Compounds , Green Chemistry, Metal Complexes as Therapeutic Agents,Complex View More

Department of Computer Science

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Ms. Manu Kataria M.C.A. Computer Graphics,Systems Software,E-Governance View More
2 Mr. Bhavya Deep M.Sc (Computer Science) , ICSE, Devi Ahilya Viswavidyalaya,Indore, MP. Cloud Computing, Swarm Intelligence View More
3 Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava Ph.D (D.U) Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Database Systems, Data Mining, Machine Learning View More
4 Ms. Arti Dua (presently on Study Leave) MCA, BVICAM, GGSIP University Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Mobile Technology. View More

Department of Electronics

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Manoj Kumar Khanna (presently on Leave & Lien) Ph.D University of Delhi, M. Sc. (Electronic Science),University of Delhi E-Waste Management & amp; VLSI/ULSI Device simulation using MOS Devices View More
2 Dr. Geeta Mongia Ph. D University of Delhi, M. Sc.(Electronic Science), UDSC Photovoltaics & amp; Bio-Photovoltaics, Optical Data Storage View More
3 Dr. Inderbir Kaur Ph.D University of Delhi, M. Sc. (Physics),University of Delhi Amorphous Semiconductors, Photovoltaics and Bio-Photovoltaics View More
4 Prof. Avneesh Mittal Ph.D University of Delhi M. Tech (Microwave Electronics), University of Delhi M.Sc.(Physics) Spl Electronics Adaptive Controls, Genetic Algorithm View More
5 Dr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari (presently on deputation) Ph.D University of Delhi, M. Sc., University of Allahabad Nanotechnology, Microwave Photonics and E-waste Management
6 Ms. Shweta Gupta M. Sc. (Electronics) from UDSC Semiconductor Devices, Nano Technology View More
7 Dr. Jitender Kumar Ph.D. (Dept. of Electronics Science, UDSC), M. Sc.(Dept. of Electronics Science, UDSC) Growth and Characterization of Nanomaterials, solar cells, Light Emitting diodes, Sensors View More
8 Dr. Amit Kumar Ph.D University of Delhi, M. Sc. (Electronics), UDSC Electronic Materials, Polymers, Devices View More

Department of Food Technology

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Rizwana Ph.D JamiaHamdard, M. Sc. (Food Tech.), CFTRI Mysore Presently working on Biodegradable Packaging from Rice Husk for Food Packaging.
2 Dr. Vandita Gupta Ph.D University of Delhi, M. Sc. (Food Science and Nutrition), University of Delhi Nutrition, Processing technology related to food from plant sources
3 Dr. Shalini Sehgal Ph.D NDRI, MSc .(Dairy Microbiology), N. D.R. I, Karnal Food Safety and New Product Development
4 Dr. Eram S Rao Ph.D Barkatullah University, M.Sc (Food Science and Nutrition), SNDT Women’s University New Product Development, Food Quality and safety Nutraceuticals and functional foods, Clinical Nutrition View More
5 Dr. Meenakshi Garg Ph.D CCS Haryana Agriculture University, M. Sc. (Nutrition), CCS Haryana Agricultural University Food Processing and Packaging View More

Department of Human Communication

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Madhulika Bajpai Ph.D University of Delhi M. Sc. Psychology from University of Delhi Stress Management,, Marital Relations, Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Organizational Behaviour View More

Department of Instrumentation

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Geeta Bhatt (presently on leave & lien) Ph.D University of Mumbai, M. Phil. (Electronic Science) , University of Delhi M. Sc. (Electronic) Electronic waste, Gas Sensors, Material Science View More

Department of Mathematics

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Ragini Jindal Ph.D Applied Mechanics View More
2 Dr. Neeru Sharma Ph.D University of Delhi Functional Analysis View More

Department of Microbiology

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Vijaya Kumar Nalla M.Phil, Ph.D Molecular Microbiology, from J.N.U (New Delhi) Microbiology/Cellular & Molecular Biology/Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering/Bioinformatics.
2 Dr. Purnima Anand Ph.D University of Delhi, M. Sc. (Microbiology),University of Delhi Environmental and Food Microbiology View More
3 Dr. Ruchi Gulati Marwah Ph.D University of Delhi, M.Sc.(Microbiology), University of Delhi Specialisation in Industrial Microbiology, Actively involved in the Research on production View More
4 Dr. Pawas Goswami Ph. D NDRI, M.Sc. (H) Microbiology, Punjab University Molecular Taxonomy of Bacteria, Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria, Probiotics View More

Department of Physics

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Anand Bharadvaja Ph.D University of Delhi, M.Sc. (Physics), University of Delhi Molecular Physics View More
2 Dr. Vandana Batra Ph.D University of Delhi, M.Sc.(Physics), Kurukshetra University High energy Cosmic Rays, Spacephysics,Semiconductors Physics View More
3 Dr. Meetu Luthra Ph.D (University of Delhi), M.Sc. (Physics) University of Delhi Cosmology View More
4 Dr. Partha Sarathy Pal (presently on Study Leave) Ph.D University of Delhi, M.Sc. (Physics and Astrophysics), University of Delhi Computational Astrophysics, Astronomical Data Analysis and Statistics, Astronomy View More
6 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Ph.D.(IIT Delhi), M.Tech. (IIT Roorkee) Solid State Materials View More
7 Dr. Ramesh Kumar Ph.D (IIT, Delhi), M.Sc (Physics), Lucknow University M.Tech (Applied Optics),IIT Delhi Non Linear Optics, Quantum Optics. View More

Department of Polymer Science

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Saroj Kumar Shukla Ph.D (University of Delhi), M.Sc (Chemistry) Conducting polymers and BIO. Polymer
2 Prof. Sidhharth Sirohi Ph.D (IIT Delhi), ME ( DCE, University of Delhi) Controlled Polymerization, Nano encapsulation & amp; Composite Nanofibres View More
3 Dr. Susmita Dey Sadhu Ph.D IIT Kharagpur, M.Sc.(Chemistry), Burdwan University Polymer Blends and composites, Polymer Nanocomposites, Recycling, Polymer in packaging View More

Department of Zoology

Sno. Name Degree Specialization Details
1 Dr. Anil Kumar Bali Post-doc ( Washington University,USA ); D.Phil ( University of Sussex, UK ); M.Phil. & M.Sc. ( Kurukshetra University,India) Microbial Molecular Biology and Biotechnology View More