The contribution of an institute to the society and nation can be judged by the achievements of its students and its alumni. They contribute significantly to the development of the college, country and society at large.
Registered Society: Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences – Alumni society has been registered under Societies Registration Act of XXI of 1860 in December 2022. The inaugural session ceremony of the registered society was held on 28 January 2023. Alumni committee of the college is constantly working towards strengthening ties with college alumni. The committee encourages their cooperation, participation and involvement by organizing alumni meets every year which promotes a meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas. These meets celebrate and strengthen the relationships and acknowledge the contributions of alumni.
Outgoing batches are encouraged to maintain contact with the college and their departments. They are invited on several occasions as resource persons to deliver lectures, conduct workshops, career counselling sessions, and mentor students for placement drives. Alumni contribute their services and judge inter- and intra-college competitions. They share their experiences in the areas of skills, recent technologies and trends which help our students in their future career paths.
Financial and non-financial contributions: Alumni have also contributed financially through sponsorships in various departmental festivals in the last five years. Furthermore, alumni support the college by providing non-financial, in-kind support services such as sponsoring the college logo, plane model, other non-recurring items and live music event.

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