Extra Curricular Activities 

Extra-Curricular Activity Committee (Convener: Dr. Ramesh Kumar)

The Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) committee along with its 11 associated clubs, aims to provide a platform to students by organizing multiple and diverse events and activities. These help students improve their interpersonal skills, pursue their interests and nurture and highlight their talents. Various activities organized by the committee allows the students to showcase their talents and also go a long way in their holistic development. The ECA committee organizes different events in the college throughout the year. Through this committee, students of the college can also participate in various inter-college and interuniversity events. Besides the exposure and experience these participation bring for the students. they have also successfully and regularly brought many accolades to the college.

In the gone academic session as well, a number of events were organized under its umbrella.73rd Independence Day was celebrated with high enthusiasm. On this occasion, Prof. Balaram Pani (Principal, BCAS) boosted the students with his encouraging words. Students gave the performance of solo dance, group dance, patriotic song, Poem recitation, and dramas etc. In this continuation, 70th Republic Day was celebrated with a lot of zeal and fervor. On this occasion, various events underlining the patriotic sentiments through dance, singing and poetry etc. were organized.

SRIJAN: “SRIJAN”, the Annual Cultural Festival and the most awaited extra-curricular event in the college was organized on 25th-26th February 2020. In the inaugural ceremony chief guest Smt. Bhavna Gaur (Member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly, Palam) boosted the spirit of the students with his encouraging words. This year, the festival witnessed a huge participation from the various colleges and institutes from Delhi-NCR. The fest hosted various events and competitions such as singing, dancing, kavi sammelan, debate, photography, fashion shows, street play, quiz, battle of bands etc. Numerous students from different colleges of Delhi University participated in this fest with great enthusiasm. A stand-up comedian Anubhave Singh Bassi gave his performance on the Star Night of SRIJAN 2020. “Awaan Band” also gave his performance on the Star Night of SRIJAN 2020.There was an atmosphere of passion and energy around the campus. SRIJAN 2020 was also the witness of “Sparkling night” with DJ Karan, which forced people to snort.

National security Guard (NSG) Mock Drill: With rising threat of terror strikes across major cities in India, the elite NSG team had conducted mock drill on 28th February 2020 at 8:00 PM in BCAS premises under the ECA committee. The team was fully trained, equipped and keep in readiness every time in any adverse situation and same was capable of swiftly and effectively tackle combating terrorism, counter hijacking task on land, sea & air, bomb disposal and hostages rescue mission etc.
The team was led by colonel and his commandos who demonstrated its preparedness to tackle any exigency in the affected region. It was the proud moment for the college, our two student (alumni) is also part of NSG team. It was the first time that such a drill was conducted in this college. Many commandos with bomb squad and snipers participated under the aegis of Principal Prof. Balaram Pani, Dr. Ramesh Kumar and other staff members with students of college. Overall this was a great experience for everyone presence there to witness such an act of bravery.