Innovation Project 2013-14


S. No. Project Code Title of the Project Principal Investigators (Departments)
1. BCAS-201 Low-cost electricity generation using BioPhotovoltaic Technology –  a Green Energy Initiative Dr. Geeta Mongia, Electronics
Dr. Inderbir Kaur, Electronics
Dr. Ruchi Gulati Marwah, Microbiology
2. BCAS-202 Agro Waste Material Management: From Waste to Wealth Dr. S. K. Shukla, Polymer Science
Dr. Anand Bharadvaja, Physics
Dr. Rizwana, Food Technology
3. BCAS-203 Public Awareness and Evaluation of Probiotics sold in Delhi Dr. Shalini Sehgal, Food Technology
Dr. Tejpal Dhewa, Microbiology
Dr. Neha Bansal, Microbiology
4. BCAS-204 Screening and Enrichment of Polymer degrading micro-organisms and their application in Environmental Engineering Dr. Vijay Kumar Nalla, Microbiology
Dr. Siddharth Sirohi, Polymer Science
Dr. Krishna Dutt, Polymer Science
5. BCAS-205 To prepare edible packaged low cost healthy snack from fruit and vegetable waste and its effect on healthy respondents Dr. Meenakshi Garg, Food Technology
Dr. Susmita Dey Sadhu, Polymer Science
Dr. Shivani G. Varmani, Biomedical Science
6. BCAS-206 Assessment of brominated flame retardants in mobile phones, their consumption pattern in North India and carbon footprints from electronic waste Dr. Geeta Bhatt, Instrumentation
Dr. Manoj Khanna, Electronics
Dr. Balaram Pani, Chemistry
Dr. Renu Baweja, Biomedical Science
7. BCAS-207 Understanding the Burden of Vitamin B12 and Folate Deficiency in Young Indians Dr. Purnima Anand, Microbiology
Ms. Arti Batra, Computer Science
Dr. Parvinder Kaur, Biomedical Science
8. BCAS-208 Lifestyle Interventions in Stress Management: A study among Delhi Youth Dr. Madhulika Bajpai, Human Communication
Dr. Eram S. Rao, Food Technology
Dr. Ragini Jindal, Mathematic
9. BCAS-209 Genetic curation of ataxia phenomes for establishment of predictive and rapid diagnostic paradigm Dr. Uma Dhawan, Biomedical Science
Mr. Bhavya Deep, Computer Science
Dr. Pawas Goswami, Microbiology