Extramural Projects

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Title of the Project

Principal Investigators

Funding Agency

Sanctioned Amount (Rs.)



ARMEd: Antimicrobial resistance mitigation and eradication using blended learning approach - social media, outreach and awareness activities.

Dr. Uma Chaudhry
and Dr. Avneesh Mittal

DST 17.91 lakhs 2020-2022


Exploring moonlight enzyme, glutamate racemase, of Neisseria gonorrhoeae as a target for anti-gonococcal drug discovery.

Dr. Uma Chaudhry
and Dr. Bishwajit Kundu (IIT, Delhi)

ICMR 22.60 lakhs (for Dr. Uma Chaudhry) 2019-2022


Significance of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in neurodegeneration associated with rapid eye movement sleep deprivation.

Dr. Uma Dhawan

SERB-DST 40.11 Lakhs 2018-2021


Use of foldscope for the speed identification of microbial load on fresh produce: An inexpensive and point-of-care solution for screening of microbes.

Dr. Uma Chaudhry

DBT 8 Lakhs 2018-2019


Safeguarding immunity and health versus Indiscriminate use of antibiotics: Building medical awareness and capacity for informed choice through multilevel orientation, exhibitions and demonstrations for students, paramedics, drug marketing systems and community.

Dr. Uma Chaudhry
and Dr. Balaram Pani

DST 22.72 Lakhs 2017-2019


Spatial distribution of uranium and associated water quality parameters in groundwater/ surface water in six (06) districts of Uttar Pradesh (Agra, Mathura, Mahamaya Nagar, Kanshiram Nagar, Etah and Badaun).

Dr. Balaram Pani
and Dr. Manjeet Singh Barwa

BRNS, BARC 29.60 Lakhs 2016-2019


Detection, identification and analysis of the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Uma Chaudhry

UGC 3 Lakhs 2016-2018


Synthesis and Post self-assembly Functionalization of Re and Ru-based Metallacycles and its Effects on the Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties.

Dr. Deepak Gupta

SERB 23.29 Lakhs 2016-2019


Effects of Religious Fasting on Weight Loss of Indian Adults”

Dr. Meenakshi Garg
and Dr. Shivani G. Varmani

UGC 9.175 Lakhs 2012-2015