Date Title/Subject Pdf File
13/03/2021 General Instructions for OBE
13/03/2021 URGENT Notice regarding OBE
07/03/2021 Notification Regarding Downloading the Admit Cards
04/03/2021 Datesheet for Ist Semester Practical Examinations
28/02/2021 Final Datesheet – Core Papers B.Sc.(Hons)
28/02/2021 Final Datesheet – AECC Papers
28/02/2021 Final Datesheet – GE Papers
25/02/2021 Notice for Examination Form & Examination fee-1st Semester Students
20/02/2021 Notice for Examination Form-1st Semester Students
15/02/2021 Notice for Examination Fee-1st Semester Students
14/01/2021 Notice for Examination Fee /Course Fee (2nd and 3rd year Students)
13/12/2020 OBE December 2020-DU Notification Regarding Students Facing Problems while Uploading Answer Sheets
12/12/2020 OBE December 2020- DU Notice Regarding Duration of Examination
12/12/2020 OBE December 2020-Guidelines Regarding Submission of Answer Sheets through Email
11/12/2020 Urgent: Important Instructions regarding OBE-Dec 2020
10/12/2020 Mock Test Datesheet for Under Graduate Students
10/12/2020 URGENT Notice Regarding Mock Test OBE
09/12/2020 Filling up Examination form for III/V/VII Semester Examination commencing from 12.12.2020 (for regular students along with Essential Repeaters, Improvement cases and Ex-Students)
09/12/2020 Theory Datesheet-LOCF-2019-GE
09/12/2020 Theory Datesheet-LOCF-2019-AECC
09/12/2020 Theory Datesheet-LOCF-2019-Core, DSE,SEC
09/12/2020 Theory Datesheet-CBCS_2015-18_AECC
09/12/2020 Theory Datesheet-CBCS_2015-18_GE
09/12/2020 Theory Datesheet-CBCS_2015-18_Core,DSE,SEC
09/12/2020 Procedure to Download Admit Cards for OBE Examinations
05/12/2020 Datesheet for Practical Examination (ER Papers)
05/12/2020 Datesheet for Practical Examination (ER Papers)
25/11/2020 Datesheet for Practical Examination November-December 2020
20/11/2020 Urgent Notice Regarding Extension of the Last Date of Filling Up of Examination Form & Fee
18/11/2020 Guidelines for Open Book Examinations (OBE)-Nov.-Dec. 2020