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Generic Elective (GE) Papers

S.No. Year / Semester Paper Course teacher Link File
1 II Sem. Applied Mathematics-I Dr. Amit Kumar Click Me
Applied Mathematics-I Mr. Shani Kumar Click Me
2 II Sem. Bacteriology and Virology Dr. Purnima Anand Click Me
Bacteriology and Virology Dr. Gunjan Sirohi Click Me
3 II Sem. Chemical Energetics, Equilibria & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-I Dr. Shailja Singh Click Me
Chemical Energetics, Equilibria & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-I Mr. Bholey Singh Click Me
4 II Sem. Database Management System Ms. Asha Click Me
Database Management System Ms. Seema Click Me
5 II Sem. Elements of Modern Physics Mr. Vikas Tyagi Click Me
6 II Sem. Food Microbiology and Food Safety Dr.Roshan Lal Click Me
7 II Sem. Human Physiology Dr. Anjali Saxena Click Me
Human Physiology Dr. Alivia Roy Click Me
8 II Sem. Linear Algebra Dr. Ragini Jindal Click Me
9 II Sem. MATALAB and its Applications Mr. Manoj Kumar Click Me
10 II Sem. Obesity Management Dr Pawan Kumar Dabas Click Me
11 II Sem. Plant Ecology and Taxonomy Dr. Julie Thakur Click Me
12 II Sem. Psychology and Mental Health Dr. Madhulika Bajpai Click Me
13 II Sem. Techniques in Biochemistry Dr Anita Sondhi Click Me
14 IV Sem. Animal Cell Biotechnology Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Click Me
15 IV Sem. Basics of Immunology Dr.Shivani Varmani Click Me
16 IV Sem. Biomedical Applications of Polymers Dr. Gulshan Dhra Click Me
17 IV Sem. Chemistry of s- and p- block elements, states of matter and chemical kinetics Dr. Lalit Kapur Click Me
Chemistry of s- and p- block elements, states of matter and chemical kinetics Dr Sampat Singh Chauhan Click Me
18 IV Sem. Economic Botany and Biotechnology Dr. Shikha Srivastava Click Me
19 IV Sem. Elements of Analysis Dr.Neeru Sharma Click Me
20 IV Sem. Industrial and Food Microbiology Dr.Gunjan Sirohi Click Me
21 IV Sem. Information Security and Cyber Law Mr. Parveen Kumar Click Me
22 IV Sem. Machine Intelligence Ms. Gurkiran Kaur Click Me
23 IV Sem. Physical Education-IV: Posture, Athletic Care and First Aid Dr Pawan Kumar Click Me
24 IV Sem. Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics Dr. Kavindra Kumar Click Me
25 IV Sem. Sensory Evaluation of Food Dr. C. Lalmuanpuia Click Me
26 IV Sem. Youth Psychology Dr Madhulika Bajpai Click Me
27 II Sem. English Communication Dr.Satyawati Click Me
28 II Sem. Environmental Studies Dr.Franky Varah Click Me